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MEPcontent.eu is the content library for every MEP engineer. On this site you will find up-to-date graphic and parametric product information that is ready to use in any BIM process.

In close cooperation with all known manufacturers, MEPcontent.eu offers files of the most commonly used products for Revit and CAD. These files are open and for free: every engineer can use them.

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BIM content for Sensus PolluStat® E energy meter


A Revit family for the Sensus PolluStat® E thermal energy meter is available to download. This is the first BIM file for the manufacturer Sensus to be published on the MEPcontent platform. The thermal energy meter will help MEP engineers designing more efficient energy systems for commercial and residential construction projects.

The ultrasonic PolluStat® E thermal energy meter measures energy consumption in heating or cooling circuits with water as the heat carrier.

About Sensus
Sensus provides smart meters, communication systems, software, and services for electric, gas and water industries worldwide.


Welcome to MEPcontent: ESYLUX


We are happy to welcome manufacturer ESYLUX on the MEPcontent platform. ESYLUX develops lighting, safety and automation products. This week, multiple lighting products from this German manufacturer have been added to our library and are available to download.

“It’s important for ESYLUX to make our products easily available to our customers” says Marcus Pabsch, Product Manager for ESYLUX. “BIM is an essential part of the design flow for an increasing number of our customers. We want to make sure they can work with our lighting products in a BIM project. By offering our content on the MEPcontent platform we’ve found a platform that creates and publishes high-quality BIM content and also reaches our target group: MEP engineers”.

Revit families and 3D DWGs for the Compact, Compact Mini, Compact Express, Flat square and Flat Round series of motion detector lights are available for download on MEPcontent. The content is ready to use in any Revit project. Enriched with information such as GTIN, article number and deeplink URL the content has all the data required in the design flow.

ESYLUX develops, manufactures and sells intelligent automation and lighting solutions to improve quality of life and energy efficiency in office buildings, educational premises and health facilities. At the centre are the people and their individual needs. To meet his demand the company uses its experience in electronics and automation for, among other things, the development of LED based systems for an energy-efficient biologically effective lighting. With almost 50 years of market experience and the research, development and production at its German location ESYLUX meets highest quality standards. The distribution is global: ESYLUX collaborates with numerous international trading partners and is represented by a total of 13 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Oceania.


Boost your BIM workflow with the MEPcontent browser


With the updated MEPcontent browser you can quickly find the content you need, directly from within your BIM project. The app for Revit and Autocad allows you to search the largest library for MEP engineers and enrich your project with manufacturer specific 3D content.

The browser is available for free on the MEPcontent apps page and opens from the Add-ins (Revit) or Plug-ins (AutoCAD) ribbon. In the browser you will find the same powerful search engine as on the MEPcontent platform. This makes it easy to search and find the content you need.

The MEPcontent browser app has been available for quite some time already, but is recently updated with some new features:

- Added support for type catalog families. You can directly select and insert the family type you would like to use into your project.
- Back to overview button: easily return to your search results or previous overview.
- Request content: a button and form is added to simplify the process of making a request for content.

Want to see the browser in action? Check out the video for a demonstration or download the app for free from our apps page.


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E-Series EACV-P900YA

Mitsubishi Electric

Air-cooled chilling unit

Generic faucet



Compact Detector


Wall motion detector 180°, remote controlable, very simple usage via touch function

Flat Square


360° ceiling-mounted motion detector, recessed-mounted, approx. range Ø 8 m, remotely controlled, square white

Flat Round


360° ceiling-mounted motion detector, recessed-mounted, approx. range Ø 8 m, remotely controlled, round grey

Compact express 24


360° recessed ceiling-mounted motion detector, approx. Ø 24 m, GST, remotely controlled

Compact express 8


360° recessed ceiling-mounted motion detector, approx. Ø 8 m, GST, remotely controlled



Fire Dampers by Rf-Technologies