October 2017

BIM content for BWT soft water systems

Engineers looking for soft water systems, stop searching. Download the Revit families and 3D-dwgs for the BWT Rondomat Duo. This compact soft water system is designed for treating air-conditioning water in a building of 3-10 units – i.e. where clean, safe drinking water is required. The Rondomat Duo 1 therefore completes the Duo series product line. Download the content from MEPcontent and guarantee the water quality for your next BIM project.

Fujitsu products now on MEPcontent

Fujitsu, a leading manufacturer of air conditioners and heat pumps, made its products available to MEP engineers, modellers and designers. Various products, such as inner parts and boilers from the Fujitsu Waterstage series can be used in BIM projects as of today. Revit, DWG and IFC files are now available for download.

Mecon joins the MEPcontent platform

We'd like to welcome manufacturer Mecon on the MEPcontent portal! Mecon offers a wide variety of instruments based on mechanical as well as electromagnetic principles, such as flow meters.

On the MEPcontent plaform, the Turbo-lux 3 and Mag-flux 4 3 flow meters are available as Revit families and can be downloaded as of now.

The core competence of Mecon lies in fluid flow and level measurement.

Download the Weishaupt boiler now

Download the Revit family for the Weishaupt WTC-GW 15-B W condensing boiler from MEPcontent now.

Weishaupt gas-fired condensing boilers use almost all of the energy stored in the fuel, converting it efficiently into heat. In so doing, nett efficiency is increased to around 110 % compared to less than 100 % for low-temperature systems.

Video: How to easily design piping systems

The new Product Line Placer (PLiP) for Piping app in Revit is a great time saver for MEP engineers and other MEP specialists. Drawing piping systems from leading manufacturers such as Geberit, Georg Fischer, Rehau, SANHA, VSH, Viega and Wavin is done in a blink of the eye. Watch the video demonstration and learn how you can easily design piping systems with this brand new app from MEPcontent.

About the Product Line Placer (PLiP) for Piping app
The MEPcontent Product Line Placer (PLiP) for piping app combines specific product- and trade data from 7 leading manufacturers with a powerful designing tool for Revit. With the in-app Autorouting functionality, designing piping systems is done swiftly. The correct fittings and bends are selected automatically and placed on the bill of materials. Just draw and click and you’re done. The app can be downloaded within 2 minutes from
September 2017

Kamstrup Multical 402 thermal energy meter available on MEPcontent

De Kamstrup MULTICAL 402 thermal energy meter can be downloaded today from our MEPcontent platform.

The MULTICAL 402 is a compact ultrasonic thermal energy meter that can be used for heat, cooling and combined heat /cooling measurement in all water-based systems.
In addition to the MULTICAL 402 thermal energy meter, the MULTICAL 21 water meter is also available on MEPcontent. The MULTICAL 21 water meter is an integrated and hermetically closed water meter, intended for measurement of cold and hot tap water consumption.
Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions.

Products of Toshiba are now added to MEPcontent

Download the new families of the Single split Outdoor Units and the Cassette Units on MEPcontent today!

The Single Split Unit airco contains one inner part and one outer part en is perfectly suited to control the climate in one room. There are families for different units available on MEPcontent.
The MMU and MMU Compact Cassette Unit creates an comfortable air-conditioned atmosphere due to the four air outlets while motorized lamellas provide the best air distribution.

Meet MEPcontent at BILT Aarhus in Denmark

From 5-7 October, the first European BILT conference will be organized in Aarhus, Denmark. Here you can meet Stabiplan/MEPcontent and try out the latest MEP apps for Revit.

BILT (formerly known as Revit Technology Conference) is an annual event, designed to cater to the needs of those who design, build, operate and maintain our built environment. Business leaders, thought leaders, innovators and implementers; they are all ready to share knowledge to aid in the quest for a better, smarter industry. At this event, MEPcontent’s BIM experts will be present and invite you to try out the latest MEP apps for Revit at booth 27.

See you there in Denmark?

MEP apps for Revit
With more than 27 years of experience delivering MEP software, MEPcontent is constantly expanding the number of apps for MEP engineers. These apps are developed in close cooperation with leading manufacturers, specifically designed to help engineers work faster on specific tasks to deliver BIM projects easier. Try out these apps, including the brand new MEPcontent PLiP, at booth 27 and get started designing piping systems at lightning speed with manufacturer specific content in Revit.

To check the program click on this link

How you as a manufacturer benefit from BIM

Is BIM something that only concerns planning and engineering parties in the building industry? Think again. As a manufacturer, you can benefit a great deal from BIM. Here’s how:

Create content engineers enjoy using
With the rise of BIM, engineers need more and more accurate content for modelling information rich systems. For instance, they can only calculate and model their ventilation system if they have the correct technical data, such as the diameters and material types. This is where you as a manufacturer come in. By partnering with the MEPcontent team, you can turn your product data into valuable Revit, AutoCAD and IFC files that engineers enjoy working with. This way, your products are already being used even before ordering.

Be found where engineers search
By publishing your 3D content online in BIM libraries such as MEPcontent, you present your products right in front of engineers who are looking actively for products to use in their BIM projects. As a manufacturer of lighting fixtures for example, your product will be shown directly when engineers filter on that product category. These engineers can download this content and start designing with your product directly. A great way to market your products to potential customers!

Increase purchase chances
This is a really important one. Once your products are placed in a BIM project, chances are high they will actually end up be purchased. There have been projects in which the products from the wrong manufacturer were delivered on site, simply because they were ordered directly from the model and engineers had modelled with a competitor’s BIM content. Lesson learnt: Make sure you have valuable content available engineers enjoy designing with, and the chances are high that your product will end up in the actual building product.

Reach engineers globally
The growing digital landscape allows you to market your products globally through just one single platform. With platforms such as MEPcontent, with more than 30,000 users in their database across more than 60 countries, you can reach engineers globally, while also offering localized versions of your products.

Gain valuable insights
Which leads to the next benefit. Digitizing your products in a BIM format, makes it possible to track the use of your BIM-products easily across the world. Which products are downloaded a lot? Where are they coming from and what are potential customers downloading? What is the BIM adoption across countries? These are valuable insights that help you allocating your marketing and development resources.

So by creating valuable BIM content, you are providing your (potential) customers with the tools they need to deliver high quality BIM-models. Engineers will be thankful for it, and in return, your products will be used in leading BIM projects across the world.

Want to know more about the services MEPcontent offers to manufacturers? Watch the webinar recording above this article or contact the MEPcontent team directly for more information.

New KSB Calio Z circulator pumps on MEPcontent

A new range of Calio Z circulator pumps from KSB is available on MEPcontent. Choose one of the many product types and download the Revit family. The content is generated from a data sheet and therefore compact and light in usage.

The circulator pump is ideal for hot-water heating systems, air-conditioning systems, closed cooling circuits and industrial recirculation systems. KSB's circulator is more than ready for the legal requirements of the European ErP regulations for 2015.

Besides the Calio Z product range, the Calio and Calio S circulator pumps and the Ama Drainer 415 ND drainage pump / waste water pump are available on MEPcontent.

Download Service Space family for Revit

Make sure to reserve space around your MEP systems for maintenance with this new Revit family. Set a service space for content in Revit projects using the service space family in Revit. You can easily customize the space to match your requirements in the family properties. Watch the video to see how to work with this family.

Mark Climate Technology partners up with MEPcontent

We are proud to welcome Mark Climate Technology on the MEPcontent platform! Check out this video for the introduction of Mark Climate Technology on MEPcontent.

Mark Climate Technology is a manufacturer of climate control equipment and is your partner for air heating, radiant heating, ventilation and recirculation equipment, HVAC-systems and bending machines. Mark Climate Technology is Europe’s largest manufacturer with such a wide range of products for industry and utility.

Alongside 290+ manufacturers, Mark Climate Technology has also chosen to partner up with MEPcontent. General Manager Jan Koop de Boer tells us why: ‘’We see an increasing demand in BIM projects from our clients. Because of this, we simply need to have a good BIM solution. The main advantage of MEPcontent for us is that everything is linked: the library is directly linked to our website. This makes our content easy to find and very accessible.”

There are several types of GS+ gas-fired, highperformance air heaters with an axial fan on MEPcontent. This condensing equipment provides efficiency greater than 106% (lower value) and is suitable in many situations due to its extensive capacity range from 13,6 to 142,2 kW.
The Mark MDV BLUE roof fan is suitable for extracting air from buildings and features the latest developments in the field of fans, including the efficient EC technology.

The RFA, DWG and IFC files for all the products can be easily downloaded into BIM projects.

New Nefit products on MEPcontent

As of now, new Nefit products are available on the MEPcontent platform. By combining heat pumps and high efficiency boilers, a complete heating system can be designed in BIM projects.

High efficiency boiler and heat pumps
Nefit was the first manufacturer to globally introduce the high efficiency boilers, and is therefore setting the trend since for sustainable heating solutions. The Nefit 9000i high efficiency boiler is new on MEPcontent and combines intelligent technology, iconic design and innovative applications with high quality material. The heat pumps of the EnviLine product range are also added. These heat pumps retract energy from the outdoor air, and so there is no need for a ground source. Even with temperatures of -20°C and +37°C EnviLine ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

The RFA, DWG and IFC files can be downloaded as of now and applied into every BIM project. The content meets the European MEPcontent Standard (EMCS) completely.

Download the Climarad Ventilation Unit

Download the Sensa V2X Ventilation Unit from Dutch manufacturer Climarad on MEPcontent. This article is available in RFA, DWG and IFC filetype, ready to use in your BIM project.

[Webinar] Design manufacturer specific piping systems in Revit

Learn how to easily design manufacturer specific piping systems with our new app: the MEPcontent PLiP for Piping. Join our webinar on thursday 21st September, 2PM - 2:30PM CEST.

Drawing piping systems from leading manufacturers such as Geberit, Georg Fischer, Rehau, SANHA, Viega, VSH and Wavin gets much easier with the MEPcontent PLiP for Piping add-in for Revit. With the in-app auto routing functionality, drawing piping systems is fast and easy: the right fittings are added to your system automatically. Only work with pipes and bends that actually exist and are completely compatible with your MEP systems.

Spelsberg IBT LED universal mounting enclosures

Available for download from MEPcontent: IBT LED universal mounting enclosures for precast concrete panels.

During construction clients often need to make a lot of decisions upfront. Take for instance spots in the ceiling! LED lighting is here to stay nowadays. That is why Spelsberg extended her assortment of universal mounting enclosures for precast concrete panels with three new types, especially suited for LED fixtures. The IBT LED 1, 2 and 3. The casings are also suitable for loudspeakers and other build-in components.

But where do they have to be integrated and how many items are needed? Fortunately, the MEP engineer or light advisor can help you with this.

How does it work?
These IBT LED universal mounting enclosures can be used to deposit concrete at the factory or on the projectsite. This innovation helps you to install faster and more flexible.

For more information, go to the Spelsberg website

New: Revit families for Grundfos TPE Pump

Update your BIM library with the new BIM files for the Grundfos TPE2 and TPE3 in-line pumps. Revit families for multiple articles within these series are available on the MEPcontent platform.

About the TPE pump
Grundfos TPE vertical in-line volute pumps are used in a variety of applications. The pumps are all single-stage, in-line centrifugal volute pumps with standard motors and mechanical shaft seals. The pumps are of the close-coupled type, i.e. pump and motor are separate units. Consequently, the pumps are less sensitive to impurities in the pumped liquid than similar pumps of the canned rotor type. TPE motors have a built-in frequency converter, allowing different control methods to be employed. TPE pumps offer benefits with respect to energy savings and increased comfort.

Airwell joins the MEPcontent platform

Airwell, a leading French manufacturer in the HVAC industry, has chosen MEPcontent as the platform for publishing BIM content for its products. Starting by publishing the most requested product series, Airwell will extend its content range on MEPcontent in the coming months.

“We’ve seen an increasing demand for BIM content for our products” says Maximilien Fontaine, Pre-sales Engineer at Airwell. “Customers in our core market, France, are keen to deliver high quality BIM projects. This why it is crucial for Airwell to provide our customers with quality Revit content for our products. MEPcontent not only helps us in reaching MEP engineers via the BIM platform, also they know what our customers need in terms of BIM content.”

MEPcontent users have unlimited access to content from Airwell and 260+ other manufacturers in the MEP industry. Engineers and designers directly download Revit families and 3D-dwgs for multiple Airwell outdoor and indoor air conditioning units. Content for the CBV, YCV, DCV, B-YCV and CCV units is available on MEPcontent. It is even easier to work with Airwell content using the MEPcontent browser app from within a Revit project.

ABB Busch-Jaeger Switch Range Configurator video

Did you know we used a great video during the BIM Live Experience held in Amsterdam this summer?

For those of you who could not attend, you can see the video in this post.

Interested in the free ABB app mentioned in the video? Go to the Store and download the ABB Busch-Jaeger app

Hope you are having a great Friday and wishing you an even better weekend!

The MEPcontent marketing team
August 2017

MEPcontent at Interclima + Elec

MEPcontent and Stabiplan will again participate in the new edition of Interclima + Elec, the biggest trade fair for comfort and energy efficiency in France.

Visit our stand E.033 in Hall 2 at Interclima + Elec from November 7th to 10th and discover our software and data solutions for construction engineers in the fields of mechanics, electricity and plumbing (MEP engineers ). Our BIM experts are at your disposal: they will be able to present a live demo and answer all your questions about BIM content, Stabicad for Revit, applications for Revit etc.

You can get your free entry badge here.