August 2017

New: Revit families for Grundfos TPE Pump

Update your BIM library with the new BIM files for the Grundfos TPE2 and TPE3 in-line pumps. Revit families for multiple articles within this series are available on the MEPcontent platform.

About the TPE pump
Grundfos TPE vertical in-line volute pumps are used in a variety of applications. The pumps are all single-stage, in-line centrifugal volute pumps with standard motors and mechanical shaft seals. The pumps are of the close-coupled type, i.e. pump and motor are separate units. Consequently, the pumps are less sensitive to impurities in the pumped liquid than similar pumps of the canned rotor type. TPE motors have a built-in frequency converter, allowing different control methods to be employed. TPE pumps offer benefits with respect to energy savings and increased comfort.

New App released today - ABB Switch Range Configurator for Revit

Today is a great day for those in the Electrical Engineering domain. We launched the ABB Switch Range Configurator to help MEP engineers and designers who are working with Electrical components such as switches in their Revit projects.

Do you want to experience it yourself? For free?

Check out the store, download the app and let us know what you think about the app.

Victaulic components available

Complete your Victaulic sprinkler systems with the new Victaulic Weatherproof Actuator 705, Butterfly valve Series E461 and E461 Gear operator Revit families on MEPcontent. Update your BIM library and download the content today!

The Victaulic 705 and E461 Valves have been updated with a built-in grooved coupling. This makes engineering a lot easier and less time consuming. With parameter it is possible to turn the couplings on and off, and they will also appear in your schedules, for accurate product ordering.

If this functionality would help with other content you find on, please let us know.
July 2017

ESYLUX lighting products for your BIM project

We are happy to welcome manufacturer ESYLUX on the MEPcontent platform. ESYLUX develops lighting, safety and automation products. This week, multiple lighting products from this German manufacturer have been added to our library and are available to download.

“It’s important for ESYLUX to make our products easily available to our customers” says Marcus Pabsch, Product Manager for ESYLUX. “BIM is an essential part of the design flow for an increasing number of our customers. We want to make sure they can work with our lighting products in a BIM project. By offering our content on the MEPcontent platform we’ve found a platform that creates and publishes high-quality BIM content and also reaches our target group: MEP engineers”.

Revit families and 3D DWGs for the Compact, Compact Mini, Compact Express, Flat square and Flat Round series of motion detector lights are available for download on MEPcontent. The content is ready to use in any Revit project. Enriched with information such as GTIN, article number and deeplink URL the content has all the data required in the design flow.

ESYLUX develops, manufactures and sells intelligent automation and lighting solutions to improve quality of life and energy efficiency in office buildings, educational premises and health facilities. At the centre are the people and their individual needs. To meet his demand the company uses its experience in electronics and automation for, among other things, the development of LED based systems for an energy-efficient biologically effective lighting. With almost 50 years of market experience and the research, development and production at its German location ESYLUX meets highest quality standards. The distribution is global: ESYLUX collaborates with numerous international trading partners and is represented by a total of 13 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Top 3 downloads from MEPcontent

Interested to know what content is most popular on the MEPcontent platform?
We looked into our analytics to provide you with this top 3 overview. You can find this content and many more on the MEPcontent website.

In the past 30 days, the following items have been downloaded most frequently.

Number 1: The Vasco Iris Radiator in rfa format.

You can find it here.

Number 2: The Geberit Sanbloc Duofix in rfa.

You can find it here.

Number 3: MEPcontent generic water meter in rfa.

You can find it here.

What content will be most popular next time?
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An expansion vessel that always fits into your HVAC system [video]

Looking for an expansion vessel that always fits into your HVAC system? Easily adapt the measurements, components and specifc data of the generic MEPcontent expansion vessel to meet your requirements.

Adding a ball valve, mano meter, air vent, coupling, manometer and safety valve can be done with only one click.

Start designing today, watch the tutorial and download the expansion vessel from the MEPcontent platform.

BIM Insights paper - what do MEP engineers need and use?

This paper provides an overview of the webinar given in May about the kind of BIM content engineers and designers ask for.

The paper explains more about BIM content requirements, what tools and apps can be used for a more efficient project workflow and refers to a demo given by engineering company PeoplePower

Would you rather view the recording of the webinar? Please go to this link

If you want to have an overview of all webinar recordings and videos, you can go to

And now that the summer is kicking in, we are thinking of the new webinar and paper topics for the upcoming months.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about webinar and paper topics we should address, please let us know by sending your email to

With your imput we can make sure we offer you the most relevant discussions and BIM insights. Thanks for your help!

Webinar BIM trends - BIM Insights paper

Did you attend the BIM Insights Session webinar on May 17th about BIM trends for engineers and designers?

If not, this is for you.

We created a knowledge document in PDF about BIM trends for MEP specialists which you can download here. Get up-to-date in only 15 minutes reading about trends and developments that will affect your work and future.

We hope you enjoy it and if you have any comments, suggestions or remarks, please let us know on

In a couple of days, new BIM Insights Papers will be added about different file types and about how engineers work with MEPcontent articles in Revit.


Stefan van Eerde and Maarten Sonneveld
June 2017

Flexibel placement of generic and SANHA wall plates

Recently, all available wall plates on MEP content have been equipped with a new functionality. The wall plates have a parameter that regulates the position within the wall. A much heard user wish was to enable this in two directions. It is now possible to place the wall plate not only within the wall, but also with an offset from the wall, with the same parameter. This can be done by using negative values in the parameter.

Wall plates can now be fully adapted to the requirements of your pipeline system. Download generic or SANHA wall plates Revit families and 3D dwg’s from MEPcontent, or directly within a BIM project using the MEPcontent browser for Revit or Autocad.

WITA Delta HE Inline Pump

Are you working with Wita pumps in your BIM project? Download the Revit family for the Wita Delta HE Inline pump on the MEPcontent platform, to place it in your Revit project.

About WITA
WITA Wilhelm Taake GmbH, seated in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, develops and produces high-quality circulating pumps. The product range extends from drinking water pumps to high efficiency heating pumps.

Get your own app for Revit

Let engineers all over the world work directly with your products in Revit through a customized app with your company name attached to it.

BIM is increasingly important. Make sure to reach MEP engineers at the moment of design- and purchase decision with your own customized app for Revit. Understand who download your app, from what country and how they use your products in their Revit project by placing objects. And tie this in-app product placing metric to your product sales overview to learn what product placements in projects mean to your turnover.

Discover the 4 steps to get your app, watch the video.

Find out how other manufacturers reach thousands of MEP engineers with their own app, visit the MEPcontent store.

Interested? Feel free to contact us.

BIM insights webinar - BIM & Mitsubishi Electric

In our next BIM insights webinar we've invited Mr. Paul Sexton, Technical Marketing Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Europe to tell us more about how a multinational such as Mitsubishi Electric uses MEPcontent. We focus on how their customers work with BIM content in their projects. And of course what BIM means for them as a manufacturer.


- The BIM journey for Mitsubishi Electric
- Results in BIM for Mitsubishi Electric
- Next steps in BIM
- Mitsubishi Electric and MEPcontent

With our guest host Mr. Paul Sexton from Mitsubishi Electric Europe.

Date and time: June 22nd 2017, 12:00 - 12:30 PM CET

Join the webinar

New: PLASSON ElectroFusion Fittings for Stabicad users

MEP content subscribers now have PLASSONS's ElectroFusion Fittings Product Line Sheet (PLS) at their disposal. Stabicad users with MEPcontent subscription simply import this delivery program with the Product Line Importer in Stabicad.

PLASSON ElectroFusion Fittings - The Smart-System Solution You Can Depend On
PLASSON ElectroFusion fittings are specifically designed for reliable, high performance pipe joining and long system life. This automated system has been proven to be most economical due to the low potential for operator error.

PLASSON offers quality tools and control boxes allowing for easy installation. PLASSON control boxes provide computerized electrofusion with minimal potential for operator error. The PLASSON control boxes are the economical solution for reliable electrofusion
May 2017

Johnson Controls YORK chillers on MEPcontent

Enrich your BIM project with the efficient YORK chiller from Johnson Controls. The Revit family for multiple articles within the YORK Air-Cooled Screw Compressor Liquid Chiller series are available on MEPcontent as of today.

About the YORK chillers
Harness the power to lower your annual energy costs by as much as half with the YVAA Air-Cooled Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller from YORK. This variable speed chiller provides superior performance while lowering energy consumption and dramatically reducing noise levels.

Webinar: BIM content for engineers and designers

Join us in tomorrow's webinar in the BIM Insights Sessions: BIM content for engineers and designers.

This webinar is all about content. We believe in the adage "content is everything". During this webinar we will tell you more about different file formats, what the added value is of manufacturer specific BIM content and how apps can help you as a designer, MEP engineer or installer to work faster and more efficient.

What do we offer on MEPcontent
File formats
Free downloads
Benefits for registered users
Product categories from manufacturers
Why use manufacturer specific BIM content?
Content factory
Generic content versus MEPcontent
How to work with the MC browser app?
How to work with the SANHA Product Line Placer app?
Why a content standard such as EMCS is important for engineers and designers.

Date and time: June 8th 2017, 12:00 - 12:30 PM CET

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BIM Insights Session about MEP engineers, what do they ask for in a project? on May 24th

The next webinar is coming up on Wednesday May 24th on 11.30 CET (10.30 GMT). BIM Insights Session about MEP engineers, what do they ask for in a project? Click this link to register for the webinar for free.

In cooperation with a BIM Consultant from the company PeoplePower who will show us a live project and how he uses 3D BIM content in his MEP project within Revit.Hosted by Charles Lekx and Jaap Groen, don't miss it!

Missed the webinar? Not to worry! Watch the recording here.

Modelling with Esylux Movement Detector families

Recently the content factory team from MEPcontent created Esylux 3D content. Esylux, among other products, produces movement detectors. The movement detectors detect movement within a certain area. This area is called Field of Detection (FOD). Esylux wanted to have a user-friendly approach for Revit engineers to integrate FOD in the families. It has been done by connecting the FOD to 3D visualization for 3D-views and a symbolic representation for 2D views.
Both reach and functions of the FOD are completely connected to parameters.
Esylux can tell you for each of the products what the exact reach is and what the function of the FOD contains. Thanks to the family with integrated FOD, users can now use the right set of movement detectors to calculate what is needed in their project.

Because movement detectors can be placed on the ceiling, but also on the wall, we created two separated families with two different nested shared families for FOD: FOD for ceiling mounted (E_Detector_Movement_F_MEPcontent_Esylux_Field of Detection for Ceiling) and FOD for wall mounted (E_Detector_Movement_F_MEPcontent_Esylux_Field of Detection for Wall).

MEPcontent browser ready for Revit and Autocad 2018

The MEPcontent browser app is now compatible with Revit 2018 and Autocad 2018. With the updated MEPcontent browser you can quickly find the content you need, directly from within your BIM project. The app for Revit and Autocad allows you to search the largest library for MEP engineers and enrich your project with manufacturer specific 3D content.

The browser is available for free on the MEPcontent apps page and opens from the Add-ins (Revit) or Plug-ins (AutoCAD) ribbon. In the browser you will find the same powerful search engine as on the MEPcontent platform. This makes it easy to search and find the content you need.

The MEPcontent browser app has been available for quite some time already, but is recently updated with some new features:

- Added support for type catalog families. You can directly select and insert the family type you would like to use into your project.
- Back to overview button: easily return to your search results or previous overview.
- Request content: a button and form is added to simplify the process of making a request for content.

Want to see the browser in action? Check out the video for a demonstration or download the app for free from our apps page.